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Easy Apple Frog Centerpiece!

We have affordable centerpiece ideas of all kinds – whether holiday, seasonal, special occasion, for gifts, or anytime!

These easy, affordable centerpieces make wonderful senior activities. Think of all the parties and occasions they can be used for. They’re especially inexpensive because you can re-purpose items you may already have. Or have others bring things in or donate. See out “Tips” at the bottom.

Our Affordable Centerpieces

Apple Frog Centerpiece

As shown above — And the frog is edible — well, mostly all. The secret is in using squirt tube frosting as “glue” to attach parts, and edible gel marker. Get the details of making the apple frog on our page at really easy apple craft ideas.

Apple frog
Jar cap
Old CD
Styrofoam block
Dried foliage

After you’ve made the apple frog
, it’s time to set up the centerpiece.
I simply took a plate and placed a jar cap in the middle as a stand. Then I put an old CD on it as a platform. It also looks a bit like a puddle of water. The frog stands on top of the CD “puddle.”

Next I took a small block of styrofoam and stuck a variety of dried foliage from outside into it. I put this in the back of the arrangement behind the frog.

Lastly, I laid bunches of Spanish moss all around, and topped it with a few blue glass stones. You can also use real stones, pinecones, etc. Try a bigger tray with a couple of frogs. Or several different kinds of frogs all in a row.

These affordable centerpieces are fun for any season! Including dreary, cold days when you need a smile.

Painted Pot Centerpiece

This yellow and blue clay pot centerpiece was made with all sorts of greenery, both fresh and artificial, a couple of organza flowers, a pillar candle (flameless is best if you’re going to light it), and a very easy painted clay pot. They’re excellent to use in affordable centerpieces.

Get the instructions for painting clay pots at the link.

Painted pot and stand
Dried flowers, leaves, berries
Pillar candle

Simply stand the pot on its stand, insert the pillar candle, and add the flowers and foliage both inside and at the base. These also really nice in a set of two or three across a long table.

Fiesta Daisy Centerpiece

Summery affordable centerpieces, like this, can be made similar to the above, with a painted pot, candle and artificial or real flowers. (Get instructions about painting clay pots at the same link above).

Painted pot and stand
Dried flowers and foliage, or real
Glass for water, if using real flowers in pot
Candle holder
Taper candle (flameless is best)
Styrofoam block to stick foliage into

Just place the painted pot on its stand, put the block of styrofoam in it, and insert flowers. If using real flowers, place a glass or cup of water inside the pot instead and then put the cut flowers into the water.

Then it’s just a matter of arranging flowers and foliage around the base, and placing a candle holder and tall candle towards the side in back. As usual, flameless is best if you’re going to light it.

This design can be made in any favorite colors. It’s great for summer, but also to use at a fiesta type party… including in the winter when those in cold weather climates need a bit of cheer. And very easy to make.

Elegant White Centerpiece

With just a little wide (wired) ribbon and some quartz rocks (or white flowers), you can put together very affordable centerpieces, all in white. Very nice for anniversaries or a white Christmas too.

Glass plate (or plastic)
Tall cylinder vase (glass or plastic)
Quartz rocks, or white flowers
Quartz geode (optional)
or… white flowers
Wide, wired white or silvery ribbon
Pillar candle, white

I took a glass plate, set a tall cylindrical vase on top and filled it partially with quartz stones (thrift store or dollar stores, plus a few round the bottom. I also had a quartz geode, which also went at the base. Next a flameless pillar candle was set on the rocks.

Lastly, I took a length of wired silvery ribbon, curving and draping it around the arrangement. The wiring helps it stand up on its own. You could also put white artificial roses or other white flowers around the base instead or quartz.

Seashell Centerpiece

Having a beach-themed party? A luau or fish fry? (We have some fun ideas at out link about fish party activities). Make a few affordable centerpieces with a beach theme.

Tall cylinder vase (glass or plastic)
A dozen or more shells, different sizes
Pillar candle

Start with a cylinder shaped vase and partially fill it with a layer of stones, and then some seashells (thrift or dollar stores).

Stick in a few strands of raffia too, that can hang over the side. Then a pillar candle on top. Flameless is safest. Scatter a few shells at the bottom too. You can put it all on a tray or large platter and add a little sand too.

Apple Candle Centerpiece

An apple centerpiece is versatile all year round, from summer to winter holidays.  Just re-imagine how they can be modified and details changed for different festivities.

This hollowed-out apple has a votive candle inside. (I like flameless). It sits on a glass candle holder, which nests inside of a glass candy dish.

Use anything similar that you have around, whether glass, ceramic, etc. It’s very easy to set up. Get the full details at apple craft page. You’ll find lots more ideas to do with apples all year round.

Apple and Wine Glass

Because apples are inexpensive and can be found all year, they’re perfect in affordable centerpieces. One of my favorites is the “painted” apple (the easy way – drawn on with a fine opaque white marker). You can see the detail in the project, if you follow the link below.

Although this one is themed for Valentine centerpieces, it’s easy to change for Christmas or winter holidays. Draw on a snowflake design instead, or a snowman. Arrange it with greens, a few small ornaments, or holiday candy. Or stars and stripes to include in a red, white, and blue patriotic theme. Learn about how to “paint” these apples (and get free design templates) at Apple Valentine Centerpiece.

More Painted Apples

I think painting on apples is a great deal of fun – there are so many design possibilities. This shows flowers, but you can do birds, stars and stripes, just about anything. I made this project with several painted apples in a grouping.

Begin by following the “painting” directions from the linked page above, on the Apple Valentine Centerpiece page. Cover a glass plate with moss, then nestle a candle holder with candle in the middle. Next assemble 4 or 5 painted apples around the candle. Add a candy to the top of each apple, and a little length of ribbon or metallic valentine garland as well (craft store).

It’s to change it for other occasions. Using evergreens and pinecones at the base, with holiday candies, instantly will change it for winter. Or again, a red, white and blue patriotic theme.

Purse Planter Centerpiece

One of our readers submitted a great idea to our Share Your Easy Crafts forum – using a fancy purse as a planter. (See her Fancy Purse Planter Craft page). Vintage purses are often available in thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets.

Many seniors (or someone you know) already have one. If you use artificial flowers and foliage the purse won’t get ruined. (Otherwise, do line the purse with a plastic bag or other liner first). Extremely easy to do. And really makes a statement. Likewise, try a fancy hat.

Strawberries In A Pot

How about a project for Painting Clay Pots. Lots of ideas there  to use for centerpieces for parties and more. This sample was used to display strawberries (yum! edible centerpieces!). You can do the same when you make chocolate covered strawberries too (another fun project in itself)!

OR, o use the pot as a candle holder – There are candle fittings available in craft stores and nurseries that allow a taper candle to fit in just about any size of opening. These are very handy for non-standard candle openings like the hole of a pot, if you want to put a candle in, instead of strawberries! Flower pot centerpiece ideas can have several uses.

Lollipop Flowers

Again, here we start out with a painted clay pot. Here’s another version for yet more edible centerpieces. These lollipop flowers are very easy to. See instructions on our Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece page. (And of course are not just for Valentine’s Day).

The entire arrangement can also be set in a larger bowl and surrounded by treats, flowers, or a circle of tea lights as well. Just another way to expand your party centerpiece ideas. Make sure you have a lollipop for everyone at the table. Or use the whole thing as a give-away.

Elegant Glass Angel

Angels can be used during many times of the year, including pastels for Easter, pink or red for Valentine’s day, and of course Christmas. And they add a special look to centerpieces. This angel was put together all from things I had around, so was one of my most affordable centerpieces.

See our page on Elegant Glass Angel Craft for specifics. Stand them, even hang them, if you make a small one.

The angel shown here is made with clear glass. But about red, green, amber, blue, or even pink vintage glass? The possibilities!

Get even more angel craft ideas at Fun and Fabulous Craft Angels.

Feather Bird

This bird may have lots of red with red heart button shoes, but this feather craft bird doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s day. She’ll be happy to attend any party.

You could also change the colors — Use all-white for a swan; or get a variety of wild duck and bird feathers (from a craft store); and all black for a Halloween look. Black also adds a little glam (perhaps with a sprinkle of glitter too). Like the tropics? Try a pink feathered flamingo theme.

Because its legs are kabob skewers this feather bird can be stuck into most anything. Or stand it on two skewer legs (you can stick the ends into large buttons for feet) in the center of your centerpiece, plant, etc.

Strawberry Bouquet

Want more strawberry ideas? More edible centerpieces? Also very easy to modify for many occasions. Use different colors and types of candies, and different ribbon to create another theme for other seasons and holidays. Find many items at thrift and dollar stores, making affordable centerpieces.

It’s easy to fancify strawberries by simply topping them with whipped cream or frosting (such as squirt frosting from a tube). Or, go all-out and make chocolate covered strawberries.

Make sure you have a strawberry for everyone at the table, or use it as a give-away. See what I did at Bouquet Strawberry Desserts.

And on the same page we have ideas for using the chocolate covered strawberries too.

The Pumpkin Guy

Pumpkins centerpieces and gourd crafts are usually for fall (although you can find some squash and gourds in summer too). And we’ve got some cute concepts to incorporated into very affordable centerpieces for fall.

Like this cheerful pumpkin guy (with re-purposed bow tie). His hair is dried moss, but anything similar will work, including straw.

These are also very easy for those who may need a little help to do. Find out at fall crafts for the elderly.

Gourd Goose Centerpiece

On our gourd craft ideas page, I had tons of fun putting together whimsical characters using all kinds of different gourds. Put several together too. When in season in the late summer and fall, gourds are pretty cheap. Or get them for free from someone’s garden, for really affordable centerpieces.

Arrange them on mantles and serving tables. It also so interesting to have a row of these fun gourd characters.

I donated several to a local senior campus and they just loved them… so much so, that they made their own collection. They’re a real hit.

Halloween Lantern Centerpiece

Lantern centerpieces are also very versatile. Different types of lanterns may be found at flea markets and thrift shops. I had an amber glass lantern at home and decided to turn it into a Halloween centerpiece, decked out with black roses and feathers to add a little elegance.

(Or deck it out for fall with pinecones and milkweed pods, maybe pheasant feathers. Or a turquoise and green theme with peacock feathers. Also evergreen branches, gold ornaments, ribbon and a bow for Christmas).

See this and more on our easy Halloween crafts page. You’ll get lots more ideas for affordable centerpieces there.

Painted Pumpkin Centerpiece

Well, it’s actually a gourd shaped like a pumpkin. Painting pumpkins and gourds is another excellent seasonal project and lends itself well to very affordable centerpieces. We show a lot more ideas.

Any of the painted pumpkins on the page at the link can easily be included in an arrangement. See what you can find in the squash and gourd area of the grocery store in summer as well. Our page has many ideas suitable for other seasons.

Patriotic Flower Pot

For lots of 4th of July crafts, do check out the linked page for lots more theme ideas. Many of them can be incorporated into a 4th of July centerpiece, or for other patriotic occasions.

This painted clay pot was super easy to make, and then included red, white and blue artificial flowers (from a thrift store) and small flags. Or you could stand a red dish on the top of the painted pot and fill it with colored candies and other goodies.

We show it outside on the steps here, but of course it would look great in the middle of a table, including a picnic table. Two other patriotic samples below.

Christmas Ornament Vase

Putting together affordable centerpieces for winter holidays and Christmas is quite simple, using decorations that you probably already have.

You can also always insert a tall taper candle into the arrangement like this to give it  more height. You would put it in first, inserting it into a square of styrofoam or other stand to keep it stable. Then add the decorations.

For this one, you can see I just used a glass jar, a few ornaments, greenery (from the yard), and beads from a thrift store. Also looks great on a mantle. See more at simple Christmas crafts.

Christmas Under Glass

I’ve used this easy set-up for Christmas party centerpieces. I’m sure you can tell how they’re made.

All you need are a few inexpensive wine and candle glasses (even the quality plastic types are fine, if necessary for your group), small flameless tea lights, and a variety of small ornaments for under the glass, placed around the base, and a couple hanging from the top.

A variety in height is always more attractive. If you don’t have a really tall glass, then simply stand one of them on a decorative box to add height. 

A small spray of evergreen branches behind the display is a nice touch as well. Or perhaps arrange the whole thing on a decorative table runner, placemat or doily.


Use Inexpensive Materials
To make really affordable centerpieces, don’t forget the good ‘ole thrift stores, garage sales, the dollar store, and flea markets.

And if you’re wanting to make something more fancy, be sure ask for donations from the community – especially if your items will be used at a fund raiser or benefit. (Also check our page on make a gift basket – they’re great as centerpieces).

Also think of how to swap out colors and details to modify our ideas for many different holidays and seasons.

And add more around the main centerpiece if desired, such as fresh flowers, table garlands and greens; i.e., something from a hobby, a framed photo, tea lights or tall candles (flameless are safest).

Making attractive, affordable centerpieces just takes a little thought and a few materials. It’s easy if you just take a look at what you already have, and add inexpensive items or donations.

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