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Adlibs are great for laughs and to stretch the memory. I have never done Adlibs books with the elderly, but it seems like it would be a fun and good activity to do with the elderly. “Adlibs: create your own silly story” is a book that has many stories with fill-in-the-blank parts in it. There is a category given under the blank to help the group fill in the blank.

The category is usually some type of English word. For example: verb, adverb, adjective, or noun. As a group, we fill in the blank before the story is read. This could be good for the elderly because it helps them have to remember what a verb and adverb are. This could also help stretch their imagination. It is a fun thing to do and I know that laughing with friends is always good for everyone.

Editor’s Note: Thank you! We love Adlibs and have used them with all age groups. It certainly does bring on the laughs! Seniors also do enjoy playing, including many elderly groups, and this would also depend on their memory and health. But speaking of memory — Adlibs definitely can be a type of memory game. At least it seems to trigger off lots of “I remember…” types of conversations. I also believe that laughing is one of the best ways to lift one’s mood and even help with depression.

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  1. We have a group that gets together at the senior center, and from time to time we like to take out an Adlibs game and play. Needless to say, we end up rolling with laughs. Some of the people we know well, and some are newer, so there’s always a surprise. Certain folks always like to play it at parties too. With family, it’s really fun to do with younger ones, especially the grandchildren still in school. They get all kinds of wild ideas. Frankly, some of them I don’t even know what they’re talking about (and maybe shouldn’t). But they sure think it’s funny).

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