The Transition to Live-In Care: A Guide for Bromley Residents

The Transition to Live-In Care A Guide for Bromley Residents

Making the decision to transition to live-in care is often a major step. It represents a change not only in routine, but also in the dynamics of care and living arrangements. For residents of Bromley seeking to understand the process, this guide provides a comprehensive look at what the transition to live-in … Read more

Tips for Setting Up a Bathroom for Your Senior

an elderly woman in a bathroom

As children the safety of elderly parents is a top priority. Children would always want their seniors to be comfortable and most importantly safe in their own homes. Parents don’t want to be assisted and loved to maintain a certain level of independence and have the peace of living in one’s own … Read more

Tips for Setting Up a Room for Your Senior

an elderly man sitting on a bed

Why is it important to provide comfort to your seniors? Old age life needs more love and care from the family and relatives. We should give them the most comfortable life we can offer. Comfort is interwoven into the bodies, into the central nervous system and the memories, into the unique ways … Read more