Nature Patterns & Templates

Could you use nature patterns
& other templates?

Nature patterns like flowers, leaves, animals, plus landscapes, – and even more – to make your projects and activities a lot easier!
Not everybody likes to draw or feels they are “good” at it.
So we’ve come to the rescue…with

“200 Template Drawings”

A highly popular unique e-book with loads of black and white drawings by professional artist Mary Schulte (also creator of this web site) – over 200 images and 239 pages! (You’ll see some partial sneak previews on this page). 

Ranging from basic silhouettes, to simple and fancy drawings, there are tons of options!

Use them for – Paintings, mosaics, wood burning, leather tooling, collages, making posters and handouts. Even easily make your own coloring pages (fun for both kids and adults). Put several together and make a new design.

Variety! These nature patterns andtemplates have a great variety and are simple to mix and match in combinations, to get endless possibilities.

Also add your owndetails – just use these as basic designs that you can enhance yourself.

A few partial Sneak Peaks…

The Table of Contents includes:

  • Flowers
  • Leaves and Trees
  • Birds and Ducks
  • Sea themes
  • Butterflies and Dragonflies
  • More Animals (i.e., farm, field and jungle, with scenes too)
  • Cottages and Castles (small vignettes with landscape scenes)
  • And – at the end – a Bonus Seasonal section

An easy-to-use e-book in PDF format, so you get immediate access to what you need now. No waiting for the mail!

It’s right on your computer, to print out any pages you want, when you want them.

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So get started!
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