Fun Kindle Books for Senior Activities

Our series of fun Kindle books are full of activities for seniors – general activities, games, and parties! (Plus Halloween).

As you may (or may not) know, books for Kindle can also be read on your…
PC, and mobile devices, so you don’t need an actual Kindle.

If you want to see a listing of all of our Kindle books on the Kindle web site, just follow this link to Mary’s general

Our Kindle Books

201 Fun! Senior Activities

If you need lots of stimulating senior activities (besides the usual bingo, cards, luncheons, etc.), then we have a gold mine for you! More than 201! Some of the activities from our web site are included,  nice and organized so you don’t have to hunt around. PLUS, lots more ideas as well. You get…

  • Plenty for both indoors and outdoors, plus holidays.
  • Activities at home, whether solo or with family and friends.
  • Lots to do with kids and teens.
  • Loads of fun for groups and social events.
  • Many are excellent for nursing homes, and dementia.
  • Many free and inexpensive activities.
  • Several easy crafts and gifts to make.

Our Kindle books will certainly save you lots of time. You can a Preview and see the Table of Contents of this book here:

71 Fun! Games for Seniors

Looking for great games for seniors? Then this is the book for you! (With actually more than 71 games). No matter what you need, you’ll find lots of ideas…

  • Plenty of party games
  • Physical games for exercise and activity
  • Indoor games
  • Fabulous holiday games
  • The best board games
  • Awesome computer games (most free)
  • The best Wii games for seniors
  • Excellent games for memory and mind
  • Best games for dementia
  • Games for kids and seniors to play together

And much more in this complete game book. Great for all ages and family games too! Preview some pages and Table of Contents for this book at:

Fun! Party Themes for Seniors

Having an event but need some good party ideas? Maybe some party planning help? This book will come to the rescue! We’ve touched on a few party ideas on our web site, but this book gives tons of fun suggestions and LOTS of details:

  • Party themes for almost every occasion.
  • Party food ideas and fantastic recipes too.
  • Decorating ideas for each theme, even a few crafts.
  • Parties for more active seniors.
  • Plus lots more for elderly party-goers.
  • And, much can be modified for memory care.
  • Many of these party ideas can enhance, other standard themes such as a birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.
  • Even a few party games.(Although I do have another great book with loads of party games)…see “71 Fun Games for Seniors,” above.

Don’t miss this thorough guide to party themes and planning ideas!
Click the link for a sneak peak and Table of Contents:

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