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Our easy craft ideas for seniors are perfect for all abilities.
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Get a variety of ideas with affordable craft supplies. This page points you to crafts for parties, seasonal and holiday crafts, fun food crafts, crafts for gifts, and more.

Our Easy Craft Ideas…

We have fall, winter, spring and summer crafts for seniors and elderly listed here; something for all seasons. And on the various pages we also give tips on how to change out details for other occasions and holidays!

(For a special selection of easier crafts for the elderly, see our page on Crafts For The Elderly.)

And now a special page on Crafts for Men – with link to popular projects.

Templates and Patterns:

Collage and Craft Templates — If you’d like ideas for attractive page layouts, take a look at our templates for collages, scrapbooking (very popular with elderly), and good design. Learn how to break up a page into pleasing and balanced areas. Twelve free templates to print out and use.
Flower Templates and Designs — Flower templates and designs come in really handy if drawing is not your strength, or if you just need some new ideas for your arts and crafts projects.
Leaf Template and Pattern Ideas — Our free leaf template and pattern ideas are great for arts, crafts, collages, painting, etc. Check it out if you want a new idea or easy pattern without drawing it yourself!
Free Animal Template Ideas — We have several fun animals here that can be used for many seasons and in many ways (which we explain on the page).

Party Crafts:

Fiesta Party Ideas — Seniors love parties! See our fiesta party ideas and easy recipes, including for some delicious Sangrias. Fun projects for party decorations and centerpieces too.
Gone Fishing Party and Activities
— Check out our food ideas and fish party activities and easy craft ideas to make for a fun theme-based party – all about fishing! Lots of senior activity ideas. Bad weather? Take it indoors and have a Gone-Fishing party any time of year!
Perfect Party Theme Ideas — Get lots more party ideas at our “party central” page.

Apple Crafts:

Including lots of summer and fall crafts for seniors…

Really Easy Apple Craft Ideas — Try these really easy craft ideas (for all ages). Apples are not only abundant in fall, they are available all year long, so these ideas are perfect any time.
Whimsical Granny Apple Doll
— The apple doll is a traditional folk apple craft dating back over a hundred years. Many of the elderly I know used to make them. And we have some really fun ideas.
Aromatic Apple Wreaths — These aromatic apple wreaths are wonderful to make just because of the aroma – some smell like baking apple pie, with many of the same ingredients and spices! Great nostalgia. Make them the from-scratch, home-made way. Or take the short cut.

General Crafts:

Lavender Pillow — If you like projects with aromas, learn how to make an soothing lavender pillow craft using real lavender and flax seed. You can either warm in the microwave or chill in the freezer!
Fancy Soap Decoupage Crafts — Soap decoupage crafts make lovely gifts to give away, or something special to keep for yourself. And they’re easy –  just a few inexpensive supplies.
Picture Frame Crafts — Picture frame crafts can be simple or very fancy, and perfect to give as gifts. Plus, frame your own art or photo. see our ideas.
Bird Planter Feather Craft — This fancy feather craft is an amusing tropical bird that is actually a decorative planter stick. Change the feather color for any holiday or occasion. Great for gifts and give-aways at senior functions too.
Bird Crafts for Seniors — Birds are a popular theme for crafts, and we have lots, plus many FREE templates!

How To Paint Glass — Easy even if you don’t think you’re an artist. These really are easy craft ideas. Get great results, either simple or fancy. Free-hand or use stencils. Try wine glasses, vases, jars, anything! Or for holidays, like in winter or Christmas. Perfect for gifts.
Easy Make A Gift Basket Ideas — It’s easy to make a gift basket, and a very satisfying project for old or young. Our easy, imaginative ideas will make it simple. Many possibilities, whether making money or helping others. Use these easy craft ideas and activities for your event, party or gift. An excellent way for elderly to give and help others.
Painting Clay Pots — Painting terra cotta clay pots is easy, colorful, very versatile. And you can do the same project with plastic pots.

Angel Crafts

Perfect not only for holiday and winter crafts for seniors, but also for Easter crafts and special occasions.

Fun and Fabulous Craft Angels — Angels are a popular topic! This is our main angel craft page with projects and links to others, for big variety.
Feather Angel Craft
— Our fluffy feather angel craft is easy for anyone to make, and they’re great to do for elderly activities. These very easy craft ideas have many possibilities – tree ornaments, mobiles, or hanging from lights, attach to gifts with ribbons, and more
Elegant Glass Angel Craft — This glass angel craft is elegant and easy to do. You can make it from everyday items you may already have. Or use plastic items instead of glass. Excellent for centerpieces at home or at an event. Or as a candle holder or a gift.
Angel Cornhusk Doll — The cornhusk doll is a traditional craft from Native Americans dating back hundreds of years. Our angel has a little bit of a different twist on the tradition. 

Mouse Crafts

Mouse Bookmark Craft — Our mouse bookmark craft is cute and created with large beads. It peeps out of the top of the book when it’s closed, and is very easy to make. Find out how here.
Mini Mouse Crafts – Amusing and Easy — Mouse crafts and mice themes are always popular. We show several different mouse crafts on this page. And ours alsoinclude food crafts: crafts with candy and chocolate.
Hershey Kiss Mouse Chocolate Crafts
— Mouse chocolate crafts made with Hershey Kisses are simple, and can be made in minutes. Besides ornaments, we have other ideas for gifts and even a centerpiece.
Whimsical Wood Mouse Crafts — These wood mouse crafts made with a honey stick are fun for both men and women to do. And you can actually use the honey stick later too, if you make them a certain way.

Crafts with Food:

Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries — We show different easy ways! Plus fun colors and decorating for holidays and seasons.
Easy Dipping Chocolate
— Dipping chocolates are more fun and yummy easy craft ideas – that you can eat! Very easy for elderly to do. Decorating ideas too.
Creative and Simple Fruit Salad Characters — Simple fruit salads with unique, whimsical characters – like making a craft with food. (Plus great fruit salad dressing)!
Strawberry Bouquets — Both a craft and a food project. They have a choice of topping and are fabulous bouquet gifts you can make.
Halloween Treats for Seniors — Creative, crafty projects and characters – to eat!

Holiday Crafts

(Also see the Angel Crafts, listed above).
Senior crafts for winter, spring, summer, fall…

Festive Valentines Crafts — These easy craft ideas are unique ways to give valentines, gifts, or to use as a centerpiece, place setting, or give-aways.
Lollipop Valentine Centerpiece — This fun lollipop valentine centerpiece is really two crafts in one. You can paint its clay pot too!
Apple Valentine Centerpiece — A couple of truly unique apple valentine centerpieces that include hand-painted apples that may look fancy, but are easy craft ideas.
Angel Valentine & Candy Holder — This cute angel valentine craft has so many possibilities. Use it to hold candy, give a valentine or gift, or as a centerpiece.
Cork Leprechaun Craft — This little leprechaun craft is made of corks! (And perhaps the leprechauns are from Cork County itself). I used two different types of corks.
4th of July and Patriotic — Our patriotic and 4th of July crafts are now all on one easy page. Use these for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, or any patriotic event. 

Easy Halloween Crafts –  And easy to change out the colors and themes for other seasons and holidays. Lots of ideas!
Creative Halloween Treats for Seniors – Make whimsical food crafts to eat!
Fall Crafts For The Elderly — Lots of unique things to do in the fall, both elegant and whimsical, and all of them are easy. Use items from nature and things that you already have around your home.
Easy Pinecone Crafts — Pinecones come in many shapes and sizes, and we have lots of projects for them. Perfect for fall, even Halloween.
Gourd Craft Ideas – Gifts, Ghouls & Grannies –  You can almost always get some kind of gourd at the grocery store, especially fall. These funny characters are so easy, and decorated with odds and ends.
Painting Pumpkins and Gourds — Painting pumpkins and small (smooth) gourds is a great alternative to carving, and they’re quite colorful! Wonderful for centerpieces and all sorts of decorations.
Make Fun and Affordable Centerpieces — Nice variety of really easy centerpieces  for different seasons and festivities.
Simple Christmas Crafts For Seniors — Our Christmas craft central!
Snowman Crafts — From golf balls to ornaments, get a fun variety!
Christmas Elf and Santa Crafts — Very easy crafts ideas with ways to make them into whatever you’d like.

Our Craft Books!

200 Template Drawings
We have loads of templates for other easy craft ideas — our handy e-book full of nature patterns and templates.

Over 200 line drawings of all kinds of subjects, perfect for your projects. From simple to detailed.
Get a Sneak Peek of the pictures at the link above!

Easy Crafts and Gifts
Besides many of the easy craft ideas from our web site (nice and organized and in one place), in this e-book you’ll get dozens of absolutely new projects!

Over 120 projects. Plus, a FREE booklet of over 30 templates. So you get Two books for one!
Click the link above for a Sneak Peek.

About Craft Supplies…

It’s a good idea to have a craft supply box (or boxes!) on hand. And ways to get inexpensive or free arts and crafts supplies. Just have family, friends, your group, or staff bring in items that may have around home. Or get them cheap at garage sales, thrift stores and dollar stores.

We’re into recycled crafts, using lots of things that you don’t need to buy new. We often give suggestions for other materials to use too. For a good list of supplies to have on hand or ask for, see Recycled Crafts and Supplies.

Also see:
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